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Within the 2.8 km radius where Parc Komo location is, there is no new residential site ever since the year 2013.

The land cost price of Parc Komo is at $888psf/ppr (per square feet/ per plot ratio) and Parc Komo is around $1,4xx psf.  Parc Komo price guide here.

TypeSize (sqft)Price From ($)PSF From($)
1 Bedroom484$786,000$1,624psf
1 Bedroom + Study560sqf$881,000$1,573psf
2 Bedroom Compact614sqf$915,000$1,490psf
3 Bedroom Compact915sqf$1,326,000$1,449psf
3 Bedroom Deluxe969sqf$1,456,000$1,502psf
4 Bedroom Compact1,292sqf$1,891,000$1,464psf
4 Bedroom Deluxe1,410sqf$1,965,000$1,394psf
5 Bedroom1808sqf$2,550,000$1,415psf

Note: The above price for Parc Komo is strictly served as a guide onlu  Pricing could be subjected to change and also it could be sold on/ during the enquiry stage.  Parc Komo official will not be hold liable for any mistakes.

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